About Us


Values and Approach

We are passionate that Architecture and Design play a key role in new solutions to the current environmental, social and economic crises. We believe the solutions exist and simply need to be implemented on a large scale.

We recognise the clients needs and wishes as the driving force, while we bring our values and experience to bear. In a building or design project, there are many important factors that cannot be ignored - so we believe a wholistic approach is paramount. The budget is of course a primary limiting factor, but we welcome this challenge to the creative solution, where client needs and wishes, aesthetics and ecological sustainability are not compromised. We have experience with both low- and high budget projects. This approach has paid off with highly acclaimed projects that are completed on-time, to budget, and with satisfied clients.

We understand each project as a unique situation. In addition to the factors described above, each design solution relates directly to the place it is built, and the unique culture and climate that converge around it. Each location represents a special condition that can be harnessed to create a poetic and distinctive expression.

Cyklus is a Danish word that means “cycle.” The inspiration is the miracle of the natural systems that we depend on, because they operate in cycles. This contrasts with a linear model - still the standard mindset when people make things - and where it is assumed that we can just harvest materials or energy (or people) for a purpose, and disregard the “waste” and other destructive consequences as an inevitable part to the process.

Cyklus is part of to the paradigm shift from a linear model to a circular one: incorporating the “circular economy,” for example. We must consider the consequences choices that are made, and integrate our actions into a sustainable, circular model. In the building sector, this means eliminating CO2 emissions, adopting zero waste models, creating healthy environments, and more. For more about our understanding of Sustainability - see “Architecture in Balance.

Our logo is designed by the fantastic Ed Fella - we are thankful that he and his creativity never retires.


Greg Vendena, Arkitekt

Greg Vendena is a Copenhagen based Architect / Designer and founding director.

He is a Certified Passive House Designer, and LEED AP (US Green Building Council).

His work has been featured in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Cranbrook Art Museum, Knoxville Musem of Art, The Center for Architecture in New York, Global Architecture, Architectural Record, and others. He was born in Colorado, USA and relocated to Denmark in 2009. He holds a Masters Degree in Architecture, a Bachelor of Science in Design, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Advisors and Collaborators

In addition to the core team, we privileged to work with a team of advisors and a network of collaborators.

The advisory team is comprised of a group of professionals of various backgrounds and ages, providing strategic advising.

Having a network of collaborators allows us to build a custom team for each project, maintaining a high level of efficiency and flexibility.

Next Steps...

We would love to hear about your project. Contact us at info@cyklusstudio.dk og +45 31 23 60 27