Inspired by the offset stacking of bricks, B-Boks is a modular, sustainable storage system- as each box is independent from the others – connected by a flexible joint.

This dynamic storage system can move, react and change according to the demands different situations, uses and spaces: furniture that responds to life.

B-Boks can follow a wall, or bend around a corner, function as a two sided screen and divide a room, or even define a space within a room.

The system is movable because each module can pivot in two places, and the bottom units are on wheels.

It can be demounted and easily moved, and the individual components can also be disassembled.

B-Boks is produced in collaboration with FRAK Рa fantastic  organization that supports youth.

B-Boks would be made of sustainable wood in three possible categories (in order of preference):

Upcycled wood: Wood reclaimed from furniture or other (the constructed example shown was built from discarded shelves).

Local wood: Wood milled locally that would otherwise have ended as waste.

Certified wood: Sourced from FSC.

Contact info@cyklusarc.com for inquiries.

Design: Greg Vendena

Upcycled Wood Sourcing (Denmark): GenByg and recycled floor boards from the City of Copenhagen.