Into the Wild

Into The Wild

InnoSite Competition Proposal: “Let Them Grow”
Location: Amager, Copenhagen South

Beginning from the idea of THRIVING …. A thriving ecosystem is one where there is wild variety of plants, insects, animals and people… People thrive when their needs are met, when they are in good contact with one another, and when they are in contact with nature. The goal is to create a humane city, and a thriving, sustainable ecosystem at the same time.

The proposal builds on the success of Amager Fælled and brings new uses that are needed by neighboring residents and institutions.

1. Wild Planes

Cut grass might be good for playing sports, but it is not a healthy ecosystem – it costs money and pollution to maintain it – and storm water runs right off of it. This proposal replaces cut grass areas with wild native plants, and supports a local business called “Urban Green”. These “wild” gardens encourage plants, animals and insects to thrive while reducing pollution and leading storm water naturally into the ground. In this way these areas expand the “wild” of Amager fælled.

2. Together-Garden

This is a community garden “Byhaven fælleskab”, expanding on the success of others in the area, where there are currently waiting lists. Residents would have their own planter-box, while also sharing in common beds and group activities and arrangements.

3. Ring-Spaces

Apple and cherry trees planted in espalier – creating an enclosure made from beautiful edible trees. These trees and the Shelf-Gardens (see #7) could be a part of a local social program and urban garden. Have a nap and eat an apple. The blossoming trees would also reach the awareness of a person in a fast moving car or train…

4. Roller Park

The following concepts (#4-6) are designed mainly for children in area institutions as well as other children living in the neighborhood. There are several schools, daycares, kindergarens and schools in the immediate area. There are 500 or more children in these institutions, but there is a lack of outdoor space (other than fælled itself) that can be used close by for recreation.

Provides a skateboard, scooter and BMX park, dramatically dug down under the metro tracks. The new skate parks built in Copenhagen have been wildly popular from their opening day.

5. UndertheMetro

This proposes a basketball court and an outdoor classroom, surrounded by “Wild-planes” (see #1) This is a garden for kids in the area schools and institutions. This area would include bee hives, and gardens as defined by the teachers and students. The hexagon shaped forms can function as planting beds, benches, paved areas, fountains, sandboxes, storage rooms, animal cages, and more.

7. Shelf Gardens

Hydroponic outdoor gardens for vertical food production. The gardens could be lit with LED growing lights at night to compensate for any days where sunlight was not optimal, and the lighting doubles as path lights for those that regularly run and bike along the route.  Like the Ring-Spaces (see #3), they could be operated by local social organization supporting homeless people.