Loft Remodel

San Francisco Loft Remodel

The original loft was lacking storage space, and the cave-like daylight of the long-narrow space with only one large window created a very dark pocket at the far end of the space. This project introduced several elements to correct these undesirable circumstances. First of all, an operable skylight was introduced at the dark end of the space. The uderside of the loft also benefited from the new daylighting and natural ventilation by the intruduction of gaps between the finished floor – an effect inspired by outdoor decks. The flooring above is custom milled FSC certified hardwood, with a changing gap pattern to create interesting lighting effects as the daylight sneaks down to the lower level.

Additional storage was created in a railing/cabinet system (not shown) to create much needed clothes storage while not reducing the open qualities of the loft space.

The staircase is a custom designed and fabricated in steel. The concept was inspired by a combination of the industrial neighborhood and the traditional Japanese “Tansu” stair step chests – which make the most of the storage space available under a staircase.

Location: Potrero Hill, San Francisco

Architect: Greg Vendena

Metal Fabrication: Mindy Ward, Max Manufacturing

Construction: Greg Vendena, Client “DIY”