Seagrass Greenroof

Seagrass Greenroof built by Children

Træstubben is a unique educational center in the heart of Vesterbro, an otherwise urban neighborhood. Children from neighboring kindergardens (3 to 6 years old) participate in workshops and other creative projects together with the staff. In this project, the Children were the construction crew – there was no need to convince them to climb up on the roof.

Seagrass (ålegræs or tang in Danish) is plentiful along the Copenhagen beaches, and there is a long tradition of its use in the Danish building culture, especially on the island of Læsø. The historic house pictured with an enormous roof is exhibited at the Frilandsmusem.

According to Felix Becker, the Children remember the songs, construction and experience years later:

Four years later, I casually met the same children that had participated on this workshop with there class in front of Træstubben with their teacher. They had the topic “climate adaptation”. Their teacher asked them to find spots in the local district, that could be a good example for climate adaptation. It was the children, that presented their teacher for the green roof they once had build. They could tell the teacher how it functions and contributes to urban climate adaptation.

Location: Træstubben. Vesterbro, Copenhagen (Saxopark)

Project Pedagog: Felix Becker

Collaborator: Kaspar Jørgensen