Creating a Delightful Home

A home is an intimate frame for life – we know how architecture enhances life: the sensuality of materials, the carefully fitting of space, fresh air, the way the light enters a room, and much more.

We consider the whole situation from the very beginning of a project. This means that the decisions and ideas will be aligned with your economy, aesthetics, the environment, and especially you as people. The result is a completely unique and tailor-made solution that fits the situation and life as you wish to live it. We are especially skilled in achieving environmentally sound solutions that do not compromise budget or aesthetics. Creating a healthy, sustainable and affordable home is a pleasure all the way through- not just when you move in.

We often structure the design process with an unbinding contract – where the first phase is completed for a portion of the design fee. This way, you can feel safe in proceeding because you know the vision for the project.

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Enhancing Your Project - consulting

We bring years of expertise to bear in the areas of Greenbuilding and Energy-efficiency improvements. As certified Passive House designers, we can assist in the creation of homes that are extremely low energy, energy-neutral or even produce more energy than they consume. We assist Architects, Builders, Passive House Certifiers, and private individuals.

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Designing for Life

Through a love of detail and the gentle exchange with our body- design of objects and furniture has been a long love affair. Often the right object for a space is one that cannot be purchased or ordered – instead it must be fitted and specially dimensioned for the people and space it should fit within. And with the environment in mind- what kind of materials are possible? recycled, reused, sustainably harvested wood – for example. Finishes should of course be chosen with health in mind: non-toxic.

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